Pregnancy care centre in pathardi phata

Pregnancy Care

quality maternal and newborn care along with a full range of preventive and curative measures. We provide pregnancy care centre in pathardi phata

Womens Center makes providing care for expectant mothers during a healthy pregnancy and delivery a top concern (TM).

The Women’s Center is committed to providing exceptional, tailored care for families.

One of the most significant moments in your life, in our opinion, is the birth of your child. Each pregnancy and delivery experience is different, just like every person is different.


Facilities for giving birth, including a small jacuzzi in the room

To manage labour, use the Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques.

complete pain management techniques, including epidural anaesthetic and Entonox inhalation medications, during birth.

Pregnancy and the Vedas, yoga, and meditation.

Here for pregnancy care centre in pathardi phata


routine prenatal care that has a focus on prevention and education.

Studies on prenatal health that use ultrasound, Doppler analysis, and electronic foetal monitoring to ensure the health of the foetus. Here for pregnancy care centre in pathardi phata