Painless Delivery

painless normal delivery in Indira Nagar

Dr. Prashant Mahajan provides treatments on painless normal delivery in Indira Nagar at his Mahajan Maternity Home. Painless normal delivery or delivery with labor analgesia (Epidural) is a technique where very specific concentration of drug is used. Although the drug reduces the pain, it maintains the ability to push your baby out through the birth canal. A needle and a very thin plastic tube (epidural catheter) are involved in this technique.The drug to reduce your pain is continuously administrated through this tube with the help of aninfusion pump.The primary aim of the epidural is to reduce the pain of contractions to an acceptable level. Epiduralanalgesia usually, alsoreduces the pain completely when your baby is delivered. If you have any doubts visit the Mahajan maternity home, for painless normal delivery in Indira Nagar.