Laproscopic surgery in cidco

A surgical technique known as laparoscopy enables a surgeon to access the belly (tummy) and pelvis from the inside without having to make significant skin incisions.

This process is sometimes referred to as minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery.

Due to the use of a device called a laparoscope by the surgeon, large incisions can be avoided during laparoscopy. Here at mahajan maternity home for laproscopic surgery in cidco

This is a tiny tube with a camera and a light source that transmits pictures of the pelvis or abdomen to a television monitor.

The benefits of using this method over standard open surgery include:

a shorter stay in the hospital and a quicker healing process less pain and bleeding following the procedure less scarring, Here at mahajan maternity home for laproscopic surgery in cidco

When laparoscopy is used

Many illnesses that arise inside the abdomen or pelvis can be diagnosed via laparoscopy. Moreover, it can be utilised to perform surgical procedures, such as the removal of an ailing or damaged organ or a tissue sample for further investigation (biopsy).

Most frequently, laparoscopy is employed in

The study and care of illnesses affecting the female reproductive system is known as gynaecology.

Gastroenterology is the study and treatment of conditions affecting the digestive system.

The study of and care for disorders affecting the urinary system is known as urology.